Angry birds theme park finland

Angry Birds Theme Parks

Angry Birds is one of the most recognisable brands on the planet, as the downloadable game went from strength to strength, increasing in popularity on a global scale. Featuring birds that are fired from a sling shot, to destroy crazy pigs hiding in various buildings, Angry Birds is nothing short of a phenomenon. Now fans will be pleased to hear that the first official Angry Birds Land has opened in Sarkanniemi Amusement Park in Tampere Finland, where the Angry Birds game originated, along with the first UK park in Retford Nottinghamshire.

The theme park in Finland is designed to attract families plus children of all ages having twelve rides, lots of food areas along with games and an adventure course. Although this first themed area is set within an already existent park I suspect it will be the start of many if the success of the game is anything to go by. The Angry Birds brand already has a very successful range of merchandise from toys to clothing plus there is even rumour of a Hollywood film but that has not been confirmed at this stage.

It has however been confirmed that Angry Birds theme parks will be increasing in number within the UK. The first park in Retford opened to much acclaim, pleasing British fans. It is part of the Sundown Adventure Land Park for the under tens. The park has all the Angry Bird themed activities as listed below and is already proving to be a hugely popular venue with families and fans alike. The owners are even thinking about introducing Angry Bird themed rides for the park, although this is still in the early stages of discussion just now.

The makers are hoping to have the same success worldwide as the Disney themed parks, something that time will only confirm. The parks will feature all kinds of great amusements all based around the Angry Birds concept including,

  • Sand pits
  • Towers to climb
  • Swings and slides
  • Activity sets to enable children to recreate their favourite Angry Bird scenarios
  • Arcade games featuring Angry Birds that fans will appreciate.

The equipment in the playgrounds has been made in conjunction with Lappset who are a Finnish company, while other sites have not been confirmed yet but will probably be set in built up areas or attached to pre existing theme parks. The chance to meet Angry Birds characters or upgrade mobile Angry Birds games will be a huge incentive for fans of the games to visit the parks.

Families that are new to the Angry Birds phenomenon will also enjoy the theme park experience becoming fans in the process. Rovio Entertainment, the games makers, are aiming to go global with their theme parks taking the Angry Bird phenomenon to another level altogether. The playgrounds are very colourful to look at incorporating all the quirky and amusing attributes of both the Angry Birds themselves, along with the poor unsuspecting pigs, bringing a big smile to the faces of kids as they enter the park.

Fans of the Angry Birds games will certainly feel it is worth a trip out to one of the theme parks to see just what they have to offer, while I can envisage the day when there will be bigger and better Angry Bird themed adventure parks in every major city worldwide.