Angry birds game: a guide to birds

Angry Birds Game: A guide to the birds

When it comes to smashing those obtrusive defenses that pigs love to use, knowing how to effectively use the birds at your disposal could mean the entire difference between failing the stage and earning a full three star rank. There are a total of 7 standard bird types for Rovio's original Angry Birds game and here is our quick tips and tricks guide to effectively using them.

Angry birds game: a guide to birds

Red Birds

Now these are your main troopers: standard issue birds ready to knock down any target in their way. Compared to the other birds, the reds are the least complicated to use, just aim and shoot. Consider this as your basic ballistics test bird as well, if you have a special bird that will follow a red one, then use the red to get a bearing on the angle you need for the next shot. If you get lucky, it may even knock down a couple of targets for you. They deal a moderate amount of structural damage on a direct hit so even if they are a grunt unit, it is important to maximize them as well.

Blue Birds

The blue birds are small and quite easy to launch at a fast speed -on impact, their small size makes them pretty ineffective for heavy structures. But these pint sized heroes have a special ability: during launch, the player can trigger the action button to make the bird explode and split into three (pretty much like a MIRV or cluster missile). This suddenly increases the potential impact damage of the shot, and will allow you to cause pretty serious damage over a small area, or a bit of a spread out attack over a wide field -overall, the blue birds are a notch above the red ones, so be careful when using them and make the most out of their abilities.

Yellow Birds

Yellow birds are speed birds, basically they suddenly get a massive boost of speed the moment you trigger the action button. This makes them more than twice as powerful as their red counterparts and also, the sudden boost will move them in a different angle than your original trajectory (it will propel them to the right are a more side-wards angle. These birds are perfect for hitting those targets that are hiding just below reinforced areas wait for the birds to get to the same level and let loose with the boost. Of course, boosting is still affected by gravity, so be sure to compensate for a little downward curve when using the special ability. Lastly, when facing really tough walls, a good well aimed boost from a yellow bird can easily help bring down defenses.

Black Birds

These are bomber birds; aptly named Bob-bombirds. The black ones are your number one answer for structures with really stubborn defenses. Why you ask? Because they explode, that's why. The black birds will first shed their fur upon impact, and then they will explode; so try to launch them at support beams and other crucial weak spots in a structure. It is not uncommon that a large castle can be brought down by a single well placed shot with a black exploding bird. At the same time, be wary of how you position the explosion; if you are not careful, the explosion will end up knocking some walls together -making them harder to destroy.

White Birds

The special thing about these white birds is that they have a very unsavory diet that allows them to literally drop bombs on a target. The bombs explode on impact with massive blast that easily breaks down barriers in its way. There are actually two ways to use a white bird -the first is to simply have it fly overhead, this means dropping the bomb just when you pass the right spot overhead -the bird will then get a second wind and fly off to the right. Another method is to launch the bird through a large parabolic angle -when the bird is coming down on the target area, drop the bomb for a dual impact damage of the bird and the bomb (the bird will still boost up, so just take note of the possible trajectory change). Compared to the black birds, the white ones actually take a bit more practice to get used to. But once you are proficient with their use, they can be extremely effective in helping you out.

Boomerang Bird

The boomerang bird is pretty much like the standard red bird at initial launch, but like the other special birds, it comes with a unique ability: it will literally turn back while soaring in the air and move in a completely different direction. The boomerang bird is perfect for knocking down targets protected by front walls but is otherwise open from the back. As one would expect, the boomerang bird takes plenty of practice in order to be used properly. Since you need to make go over the target structure, it will mostly likely take several retries before a typical gamer can figure out how to use it properly.

Big Red

Now this is the super bird, the big red looks a lot like its smaller red bird cousin. But unlike the regular one, this one bird is extremely massive in both size and power. There are very few structures and obstacles that can withstand an attack from the big red, in fact, you can wide out many of the smaller castles with a single attack from the powerhouse. The one catch is that this bird is often situated at the end of the roster - making their use something of a final move, and if you are aiming for a high rank, you must focus on wiping out all the pigs before the big red even becomes available. In terms of being a satisfying attack, the big red is pretty much without peer -it will take down a good chunk of defenses and pretty much anything else that was standing in your way.

Bringing It All Together

So there you have it, all the major birds you will have at your arsenal in the war against the pigs (and their castles) in Angry Birds. Now, there are plenty of ways to properly utilize and maximize the destructive strength and launching capabilities of each shot, and one must never hesitate to try out new things when it comes to ensuring that you get the best rank in stage. Aside from knowing what the birds can do, you must also learn about the various flight angles and ballistic approaches to taking down the caste (while it is more common to sned the birds flying from left to right at a low angle, it is also possible to launch them at a steep angle and achieve a downward strike). Experiment with combinations -even try attacking with the second bird while the first one is still in action. The key here is keep at it, and never let those pigs take a breather.

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