angry birds hamoween

Angry Birds Hamoween Review

Angry Birds HamOween is the first game to be released in the Seasons 2012 package. The reason why this was released under the name 2012 rather than 2011 is because the initial Halloween themed Trick or Treat game was released in 2010 but when Seasons was formed in 2011, it was added to this package, and therefore the new Halloween themed game needed to be added to the new Seasons package.

New Features

Like the last game, HamOween has brought 30 new levels to the series. However, unlike Moon Festival, there are no additional levels that can be accessed by liking the game on Facebook. Furthermore, for the first time in a while a new character has been released called the globe bird. Unsurprisingly the bird is orange, which is in keeping with the Halloween theme. When you tap the bird, it expands to about 100 times its normal size, but the strength of the bird remains the same.

The graphics and music have reverted to what had been developed for Trick or Treat. This means that you will see plenty of pumpkins and scary background features. The normal orange pumpkins are worth 1000 points when hit, and the larger black pumpkins are valued at an additional 3000 points even though they are much harder to take out.

In addition, the golden eggs are back. There are two eggs that can be unlocked on this game, and they will in turn activate bonus levels. The first egg that you come across is on level 2-2. The golden egg is 'hiding' in the top right-hand corner of the screen. What you will realise though is that none of your birds can reach it by flight. This means that you have to find another way of hitting it. How to do this and also how to get the second egg has been listed in the paragraph below.

Spoiler Alert! In order to get the golden egg you should land a black bird in the centre of the large pile of pumpkins. Then it is all about luck. Your plan will be to cause an explosion that will hit one of the rocks that are next to the pumpkins to hit the golden egg. This could take about five or six tries, but you may get lucky and do it on your first attempt. The second egg is activated by obtaining three stars on all the 30 levels.

With the addition of HamOween, Rovio have made their intentions clear. While the market is still there, Angry Birds will continue to release games to add to their Seasons packages, while continuing to work on other projects.

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