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Angry Birds Magic Review

With the success of the previous games in the series, developers at Rovio and Nokia struck a deal so that Angry Birds would have a special game developed on all Nokia NFC-enabled Symbian devices starting with the Nokia C7.

New Features

Now, the differences between this game and the original Angry Birds are expected to be more than the differences between the original and Rio. What this means is that while the basic elements of the game will remain the same there will be changes to the graphical interface, music and advanced features. It has not yet been made clear if there will be any additional characters that can be used.

The main difference will come with the introduction of the NFC technology, what developers have made clear is that in order to unlock levels you will need to touch phones with another Nokia NFC enabled phone that also has Angry Birds Magic on it. Clearly Nokia's plan is to try and make the game more of a social game rather than a game that is played alone.

There is also a feature that is being developed called Angry Birds Places, which will allow those who can access certain areas to unlock features. It is believed that this will mean that Rovio will sell locations to stores, and then when somebody with Angry Birds Magic goes into this store various new features will be unlocked. How far this development is in terms of how it works or even if it will be used is currently unknown. What players do know is that the amount of places that will unlock certain features will be limited otherwise they would not be special.

Why Magic?

Currently, Rovio understands that the hype surrounding their market will not be around forever, which means that they want to bring in money in whatever way possible. At the same time, Nokia has gone from the market leading company to third in the Smartphone rankings behind Apple and Samsung. The team at Nokia clearly believe that by offering this game as part of their device they will be able to steal away some of the competition from Apple and Samsung.

Rovio are releasing the magic game to make it more social, and they say that in reality all of the software for the game is already there, but it is just implementing it into the game.

The introduction of this game to Nokia phones will be an exciting time for both Rovio and Nokia and as Angry Birds is one of the most successful brands in the world, the game will undoubtedly be a success.