crow in hell

Tips for Surviving Hell as a Crow

Flap the Wings

Considering that the crow is not a hover-capable hummingbird nor is it a gravity-immune flying saucer, players also have to compensate for these attributes.

Gravity is the first big factor here, no matter what you do, what direction you fly or where in hell you decide to go; the fact is that gravity will also try to drag you down. Flying in an open space, this phenomenon is easy to observe and compensate for. But when you are trying to fly a very straight horizontal line and a mistake means death for crow -then you have something in your hands.

To fly straight in a horizontal direction, you must hold down on either left or right (depending on which direction you are going). As you move, simply tap on the up arrow key every few intervals in order to keep the bird flying in the right altitude. Of course, be sure to just tap, holding down on the up button will send crow flying up to the ceiling, and you would not want that.

Moving in a diagonal direction is even harder -and the game requires players to go up and down two flights of stairs in a single screen, and the movements have to be precise. The simple way through would be to simply alternate moving forward and moving upward (or downward if that is the direction you are heading). This should easily get anyone through the area. But if you want to do it in a single sweeping motion, then do this: instead of tapping, press and hold down the buttons in different intervals. The adjustments may seem a little hard to do at first, but that is simply because bird movement is not easy to commit to muscle-memory.

If moving two fingers in the same hand feels a little awkward, there is nothing stopping you from using both left and right hands to tap the buttons in more precise motions. This may seem a little awkward at first, but if you are aiming for full control over Crow's flight, then why not?

Once you get used to tapping each key on its own (with either one or two hands, entirely up to you), we can then move on to more complex movements.

The Slow Descent

Speaking of going down, crow has a very slow downwards sweeping movement when not attacking. To do this simply press and hold the down button. You can then tweak your direction by tapping either left or right. In this mode you can approach large obstacles and other key parts of the game without having to worry about accidentally hitting something.

Practice Makes Perfect

And that rounds-up our first look into the mechanics of having the crow fly precisely. Of course, there are other maneuvers that are not covered here –like how to do an alternating sweep from left to right precisely, but the core principle is the same. Do not panic and control crow with steady strokes as opposed to tapping around in a panicked state.

As simple as it may be to describe, getting it right is still very difficult -most people even repeatedly snag themselves in familiar parts of a multi screen challenge. So for the most part, it is important for players to keep practicing the controls. As frustrating as the learning process may be (and it does get that way, take our word for it) the effort will eventually pay off, all you need to do is to keep on flapping!

Play A Crow in Hell using our tips to survive hell!