flappy bird

Flappy Bird

What's the Flapping Deal?

To look at Flappy Bird there is nothing much to it.

A yellow bird flaps along the screen and nose dives as soon as you don't keep him flapping with a tap on the screen or a mouse click.

It may seem like the most rediculous concept for a game with such popularity but the simpler the better has always proven the winning formula for many games. Just look at Angry Birds.

For us the game play strikes a similar resemblance to that of a Crow in Hell (guide provided here) except this game was overly complicated in terms of obstacles and artwork.

Recently copies of Flappy Bird have been appearing in iPhones being auctioned online for insane amounts reaching up to $150,000. Although we can't imagine someone actually paid that amount, that auction was most likely rigged. Given that Flappy Bird can now be played in a web browser those phones will rather than likely not be sold.

First developed for Android and iOS gaming platforms the game has recently become available in flash and so can therefore be played in web browsers on PC's and Mac's.

This is a lucky break for those addicted to the game and who wish to continue their struggle for that top score as the game was removed from the former platforms due to a legal notice served by Nintendo.

The games developer had claimed the reason for removing the game was nothing to do with legal issues but rumours have emerged that Nintendo did actually serve and legal notice threatening legal action for the blatant copyright of the pipes featured in the game looking like it's famous Mario series. Many have claimed it wasn't Nintendo's doing but even if that was true we believe the developer was avoiding the inevitable.