Red Legged Partridge garden bird

Red Legged Partridge

Size: 33-36CM, 13-14INC

The Red-Legged Partridge is a vibrant, recreation bird that is turning out to be a commonly cited in the South of England. Its variety outside Britain is limited to south west Europe. Red-Legged Partridges can be located in a huge range of surroundings, including the countryside, heathland, sandy beaches and sand banks, therefore, if you own a garden in one of these habitat locations, don't become alarmed if you spot one of these bird travellers in your lawn.

The Red-Legged Partridge is plumper in their appearance than the Grey Partridge, and frequently the Red-legged seems more vertical than the Grey. 'Redlegs' display a more eye-catching head pattern, a simpler back and further complicated under part patterns than Grey partridge.

Their beak is short and cherry-red. Their eyes are dark brown with a red eye ring, and their legs are, obviously, red.

Red-Legged Partridge displays a grey-brown crown and back of the neck, evidently different markedly with the striking white eyebrows and throat patch. Their cheeks are brown, whilst their lores and the throat edge are black. The black turns out to be spotted on their ear-coverts and upper breast, therefore, developing a noticeable 'necklance'. Their upper parts, apart from their dark wing tips and orange tail edges, are dim olive-brown.

The upper breasts of the Red-Legged Partridge is deep brown, integrated into an ash-grey lower breast, growing into a rich orange on the tummy and under tail. Their rims are a combination of black and white, red and blue bars.

Their humming wings are constantly a hint! Red-Legged Partridges fly fast and low on distinctly curved-looking wings. When they fly away from you, the orange on their tail is incredibly eye-catching. Habitually, Red-Legged Partridges tend to run more than they fly, plus, when they run, their noisy harsh 'chuck', 'chunk', 'chunk' cry is generally heard.

When they are viewed from behind, the Red-Legged Partridge stays completely unique. The back of their heads are powerfully stained with white and black, whilst their side bars are straightforward to view. Their short wings expose their toned backend and orange tail.

The young Red-Legged Partridge looks like a light, washed out style of the adult. Their face shape is extremely soft, their eyebrows and throat are buffy white, their 'necklace' is substituted by scarce grey patterns, whilst the rest of their head, their back, scapular, and inner wing feather cover, backend and central tail are dull grey-brown. Their wings are blemished with black and white. Their outer tail is chestnut.

Their young reveal their muscular-brown upper breasts, their pale blue lower breast and pink tummy. Their edges are barred whitish and brown. Their exposed bits display a grey beak, black eye and dull fleshy pink legs.